Seanet High/Mid Intertidal

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Acanthinucella punctulata (Sowerby, 1825)
Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, Subcl. Orthogastropoda, Superorder Caenogastropoda, Order Sorbeoconcha, Infraorder Neogastropoda, Family Muricidae

Spiral shell to 27 mm with low spire; distinct tooth on outer lip of aperture; siphonal canal short & open on ventral side; color pattern of interrupted brown spiral bands against light background (appears speckled); shoulder of shell more rounded than angular.

Locally abundant, high to upper mid-intertidal zones, protected outer coast; associated with barnacles.

Geo Range: Monterey Bay to Baja
Synonyms: Acanthina punctulata
Similar species: Acanthinucella spirata occurs lower on the shore, has a slightly higher spire & has a distinct angular keel at shoulder of shell.

barnacles are mostly Balanus glandula