Seanet Mid Intertidal

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Analipus (Harv.) Wynne
Phylum Ochrophyta, Class Phaeophyceae, Order Chordariales, Family Heterochordariaceae

Thallus to 35 cm long, main axes cylindrical, arising from crustose base with unbranched curved laterals which range from cylindrical to flattened.; dark brown to olive-tan.

Common but patchy, upper mid-intertidal zone, protected outer coast with moderate to strong wave action.

Geo Range: Alaska to Pt Conception
Synonyms: ,

Similar species: superficially resembles a finely-branched Chondracanthus canaliculatus but its side branches surround main axis rather than being opposite as in Chondracanthus; much smaller & more delicate than Silvetia.