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Chlorostoma brunnea (Phillippi, 1848)
Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, Subcl. Orthogastropoda, Superorder Vetigastropoda, Family Trochidae

Brown turban snail. Conical rounded shell to 30 mm, light brown but usually encrusted with dark maroon non-coralline red algae. Umbilicus closed (arrow); low spiral ridge around center of base ends in a notch & tooth on inner edge of aperture (inset). Foot black with orange margins.

Common on rocks & algae, lower edge of mid-intertidal zone down into subtidal; protected outer coast; bulk of population lives subtidally in kelp forests; herbivorous.

Geo Range: Cape Arago, Oregon to Channel Islands
Synonyms: Tegula brunnea
Similar species: Chlorostoma funebralis is black & occurs higher on the shore. Two other turban snails (Chlorostoma montereyi & Promartynia pulligo) are primarily subtidal but sometimes can be found in the low intertidal zone.