Seanet Low Intertidal

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Corynactis californica Carlgren, 1936
Phylum Cnidaria, Class Anthozoa, Subcl. Zoantharia, Order Corallimorpharia, Family Corallimorphidae

Oral disc 1 cm diameter surrounded by distinctive white club-tipped tentacles.  Column & oral disc uniform in color ranging from red to orange, pink, lavender, or buff.   Form clones that can be distinguished by color.

Moderately common, low intertidal zone to (mostly) subtidal, amongst algae & sides of rocks; protected outer coast.  Large aggregations more common subtidally.

Geo Range: Northern California to Baja
Similar species: the cup coral Balanophyllia elegans has a CaCO3 skeleton & is more orange rather than red; its tentacles are transparent & not club-tipped.