Seanet Mid Intertidal

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Cucumaria pseudocurata  Deichmann, 1938
Phylum Echinodermata, Class Holothuroidea, Order Dendrochirotida, Family Cucumariidae

False tar spot sea cucumber; 1-3 cm; dorsal dk. brown to light brown or yellowish-gray; tube feet in 5 zig-zag rows along body; 8 large & 2 small tentacles around mouth, all darker toward tips.

Locally abundant, but spotty; often amongst mussels or corallines; mid- to low intertidal zones, exposed & protected outer coast; females brood young.

Geo Range: British Columbia to Monterey Bay
Similar species: Pseudocnus curatus is very similar, but has scattered tube feet & 10 equal tentacles; must examine skin ossicles to confirm.