Seanet High Intertidal

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Cyanoplax hartwegii (Carpenter, 1855)
Phylum Mollusca, Class Polyplacophora, Order Chitonida, Family Lepidochitonidae

Oval, somewhat flattened chiton to 50 mm long; girdle & shell valves superficially smooth, but with minute closely-spaced granulations; shell valves dull olive-green to olive-brown; girdle usually darker than valves. 

Common, especially under fronds of the brown alga Silvetia compressa; mid-intertidal zone, protected outer coast; herbivorous, browses on Silvetia and a variety of red algae.

Geo Range: Monterey Bay to Baja
Synonyms: Lepidochitona hartwegii
Similar species:

Lottia scabra (at left); barnacles mostly Chthamalus.