Seanet Mid Intertidal

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Fissurella volcano Reeve, 1849
Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, Subcl. Orthogastropoda, Superorder Vetigastropoda, Family Fissurellidae

Keyhole limpet; cap-shaped shell 20-35 mm with elongate oval aperture at apex; shell pink with reddish-brown radiating markings; edge of mantle striped with red & white, foot yellowish.

Common on sides of rocks & under overhangs, mid-intertidal zone on protected outer coasts.  

Geo Range: northern California to Baja
Similar species: Diodora aspera is larger, occurs lower on the shore (and subtidally), & has a round rather than oval opening at apex of shell.

tube of Serpulorbis (upper left), Acmaea mitra (rt side, middle)