Seanet Mid Intertidal

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Haliclona sp. A (Hartman, 1975)
Phylum Porifera, Class Demospongiae, Order Haplosclerida, Family Chalinidae

Purple sponge; thin crust 2-3 mm thick with raised tubular oscula 1-3 mm diameter.

Moderately common on sides of rocks, but spotty in space and time; mid- to low intertidal zones, protected outer coast; only sponge to occur on open rock this high on the shore.

Geo Range: central to southern California
Synonyms: formerly thought to be the Atlantic Haliclona permollis
Similar species: this is the only sponge that lives this high in the intertidal zone; all other  sponges occur much lower and into the subtidal.

Image: dark brown crust is Petrocelis phase of (probably) Mastocarpus papillatus.