Seanet Mid Intertidal

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Hemigrapsus nudus (Dana, 1851)
Arthropoda, Subph. Crustacea, Class Malacostraca, Subcl. Eumalacostraca, Superorder Eucarida, Order Decapoda, Infraorder Brachyura, Family Varunidae

Purple shore crab; carapace a rounded square lacking horizontal lines, 35-50 mm across; purple, yellow- green, red-brown; usually with purple spots on chelae.

Moderately common; more sluggish & less aggressive than Pachygrapsus; under rocks & among seaweeds; mid- to low intertidal zone, protected outer coast.

Geo Range: Alaska to Baja (uncommon south of Morro Bay
Similar species:  Pachygrapsus crassipes has horizontal lines on carapace & no spots on claws.