Seanet High Intertidal

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Lottia gigantea Sowerby, 1834
Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, Subcl. Eogastropoda, Order Patellogastropoda, Family Lottidae

Owl limpet; apex near front, height low, anterior slope concave; 90 mm long, brown & white markings but often  eroded; side of foot gray, sole orange or yellow. Small form lives on mussels, somewhat more elongate, <25 mm & dark blue-black w. concentric growth lines. Side of foot & head solid black.

Common, especially on vertical faces in wave-swept areas; high & mid-intertidal; territorial browser on algal films; grows slowly & may live for decades.

Geo Range: Washington to Baja
Similar species: see table
Image: on owl limpet's back
L. scabra  (2 at rt.);  gooseneck