Seanet High Intertidal

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Mastocarpus jardinii (J.Agardh) J.A.West
Phylum Rhodophyta, Class Florideophyceae, Order Gigartinales, Family Phyllophoraceae

Thallus 10-12 cm tall, narrow with thickened edges making it appear curved in cross section; basal portion more elongate with distal portions more densely branched (dichotomous); reddish brown to blackish.

Common, high to mid-intertidal zones, interspersed with mats of Mastocarpus papillatus and Mazzaella affinis; protected outer coast.  Tetrasporophyte stage is a Petrocelis-like crust, as in M. papillatus. 

Geo Range: British Columbia to San Luis Obispo (central California)
Synonyms: Gigartina agardhii
Similar species:

fertile Mazzaella flaccida (lower left, middle to lower rt), Endocladia muricata (bottom, left of cntr)