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Nucella analoga compressa (Dall, 1915)
Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, Subcl. Orthogastropoda, Superorder Caenogastropoda, Order Sorbeoconcha, Infraorder Neogastropoda, Family Muricidae

Heavy, ~high-spired shell to 35 mm; distinct broad spiral cords with narrow interspaces in between; short siphonal canal open on ventral side; shell white to dark orange-brown; this is the southern subspecies of N. analoga. 

Uncommon, mid-intertidal zone; in mussel beds of wave-exposed outer coast; preys on mussels, limpets, barnacles.

Geo Range: central California
Synonyms: previously misidentified as Nucella canaliculata
Similar species: Nucella analoga analoga has narrower spiral cords with narrow interspaces & occurs from SE Alaska to northern California. Nucella canaliculata occurs only from Puget Sound northward; its spiral cords are narrow but with broad deeply-incised interspaces in between.