Seanet High/Mid Intertidal

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Nuttalina californica (Reeve, 1847)
Phylum Mollusca, Class Polyplacophora, Order Chitonida, Family Lepidochitonidae

Elongate chiton to 50 mm long; valves often eroded or covered with encrusting algae; girdle wide & covered with short dark spinelets; bottom of foot orange. 

Abundant, clinging tightly & wedged into crevices; high to mid-intertidal zones; exposed & protected outer coast with strong wave action; browses erect corallines, Endocladia,  Gelidium, & Cladophora.

Geo Range: Puget Sound to San Diego, but uncommon north of central California or south of Pt. Conception
Similar species: Mopalia muscosa is larger & broader w. larger girdle spines, occurs lower on the shore & in areas less exposed to wave action.

Tetraclita rubescens (barnacles), Lottia limatula (middle top).