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Pollicipes polymerus Sowerby, 1833
Phylum Arthropoda, Subph. Crustacea, Class Thecostraca, Subcl. Cirripedia, Order Thoracica, Family Scalpellidae

Gooseneck barnacle; to 80 mm tall; muscular fleshy base attaches animal to hard substrate.

Abundant; mid-intertidal zone on exposed outer coast; often associated with beds of the mussel, Mytilus.

Geo Range: British Columbia to northern Baja
Synonyms: Mitella polymerus
Similar species: Other gooseneck barnacles such as  Lepas are oceanic and attach to floating logs, net floats, & other objects that sometimes wash ashore.

Image: Mytilus californianus around barnacles; mussel form of Lottia pelta  (arrow).