Seanet Low Intertidal

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Tonicella lineata (Wood, 1815)
Phylum Mollusca, Class Polyplacophora, Order Chitonida, Family Mopaliidae

Pink lined chiton, 5 cm; head valve with smoothly arched (not zig-zag) concentric lines of pink or orange, white, dark maroon or black, & sometimes brilliant blue.

Moderately common, low intertidal on crustose corallines & under erect corallines and other algae; also shallow subtidal; grazes on crustose corallines.

Geo Range: Aleutian Islands to central California
Similar species: other Tonicella are mostly subtidal. 
Tonicella undocaerulea  has zig-zag concentric lines on head plate, but lacks continuous dark lines.  Tonicella lokii  has zig-zag lines on head plate with continuous dark lines. Tonicella venusta is small (1.5 cm), lines on head valve are hard to see and lines on middle valves often expand into flame-like markings